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Magnificent River Cruises

Have you ever thought of a river cruise?  Or, wondered how river cruises differ from ocean cruises?  Well, if so, here are a few points to ponder.  River cruises uese ships that are considerably smaller than their ocean going counterparts.  River cuise ships typically carry a maximum of 180 passengers (yes, you read correctly, it's not a typo). River cruise itineraries are typically all inclusive. This means that you are not going to pay extra for things like shore excursions, dining in specialty restaurants, etc..  As the name implies they cruise on rivers and this means that they dock in the center of town allowing guests to walk on and off the ship at their leisure.

So, who's interested??  Give us a call to discuss how we can have you cruising the rivers of Europe and beyond.

Some of our favorite river cruise lines are shown on this page as well any specials that we are running.




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River Cruise Specials

Viking Kadlin Exterior
Danube Waltz
7 nights starting at $1,999.00
from Viking River Cruises
available 3/21/2021 - 3/28/2021
product image
4 Days, Magnificent Danube
4 nights starting at $2,949.00
from Crystal Cruises
available 7/28/2021 - 8/1/2021
Viking Radgrid Exterior
Paris & the Heart of Normandy
7 nights starting at $1,999.00
from Viking River Cruises
available 11/21/2023 - 11/28/2023
Viking Modi Exterior
Grand European Tour
14 nights starting at $4,799.00
from Viking River Cruises
available 8/2/2021 - 8/16/2021
product image
Grand France With 2 Nights In Aix-En-Provence & 2 Nights In Nice For Wine Lovers (Southbound)
18 nights starting at $8,773.00
from Avalon Waterways
available 10/12/2021 - 10/30/2021